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Tungsten As Used in Jewelry
Tungsten has only recently been used in the fashioning of jewelry due to its hypoallergenic nature and the fact that due to its extreme hardness it is not apt to lose its luster like other polished metals. In fact, a ring or bracelet made from Tungsten will never need polishing and it is virtually scratchproof...only another item with a diamond or diamond surface or a special sapphire in it can scratch tungsten jewelry. Carefree Tungsten is made without the use of any Cobalt additive and not just anyone can make a piece of Tungsten jewelry. In order to manufacture a perfectly crafted piece of jewelry, it takes skill that only a few companies have mastered. It cannot be made in someoneÕs garage with a lathe and a machinist.
Jewelry With a Lifetime High Polish
Tungsten rings and bracelets are heavy, and Tungsten is the hardest of all metals. It is polished to a perfect mirror finish using diamonds, and, unlike other metals, it will retain the exact polish finish for decades to come.
The Distinction of Wearing an Exotic Metal
Because it has the highest melting point of any metal known, Tungsten is used in space age applications and leading edge military projects such as hand held nuclear fusion devices. The hardness and heat resistance of Tungsten renders it impervious to radiation. Its tough enduring qualities make it the perfect masculine metal for a manÕs ring or bracelet.
The Art and Science of Master Craftsmanship
Tungsten rings and bracelets are manufactured using sophisticated vacuum induction furnaces that require an oxygen free environment, and reaching an amazing temperature over 6,200 degrees F. If an astronaut dropped one of these rings from 300 miles above the earth, it would enter the atmosphere glowing red-hot and land on the surface of the Earth virtually unscathed by the experience.
Can a Tungsten Ring be Re-sized?
Unlike most other rings, a local jeweler cannot size Tungsten rings. It is just impossible to rework the material. For this reason, we offer two sizing guarantees for every ring we sell. If you are not sure of the size needed, our Free Ring Sizer Gauge is a sure help and so is our on-site ÒHow to Estimate Ring SizeÓ section. In addition, our Lifetime Ring Replacement Warranty guarantees you can exchange your ring if it ever fails to fit your finger, whether you gain or lose weight or change finger size for any other reason.
How to Care for your Tungsten Jewelry
Your jewelry will require very little care. Rubbing with any clean cloth will bring out and restore the bright finish, as it was on the day you first received the ring or bracelet. This jewelry is the only jewelry of any kind that will last a lifetime with no sign of wear. Buy it when you are age 20 and at age 70 it will look exactly the same.

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